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Passkey Management System

What is Passkey?

One program holds the key to improved test scores!

PassKey: A Prescriptive Learning System
From Glencoe/McGraw-Hill

PassKey is a modular diagnostic and prescriptive software program for self-paced instruction in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies.

PassKey is ideal for:

  • Curriculum supplementation
  • Preparation for standardized tests
  • At-risk students
  • Elementary through adult education

What makes PassKey different from other instructional software programs?

McGraw-Hill Quality Tutorials
Our users say it's the quality of PassKey's skill-specific tutorials, designed by experienced educators. We invite you to compare the instructional quality of our program lesson to lesson with any other product on the market and judge for yourself.

Built-in Standardized Test Correlations for Student Success
Diagnostic, prescriptive, and not simply aligned to educational standards, PassKey is correlated to the objectives of over 50 state and national proficiency tests---correlations teachers can review, customize, assign lessons through, and track student mastery of directly from the management screen.

Powerful, Yet Easy-To-Use Management System Tracks Progress
PassKey's management system allows you to easily enroll students, assign lessons or diagnostics, customize how instruction is presented, and track student progress. Seven standard reports-including Individual Education Plans-show student assignments, progress, and other valuable information for both individuals and groups.

Unique Benefit for TABE Users
For TABE users, there's a special automatic assignment feature that no other program can offer. Using TABE-PC, testing, analysis, and prescriptive assignment of lessons for each student can be automated with a few mouse clicks. It's fast, accurate, and significantly reduces administrative time.

Comprehensive or Modular Packages: By Subject or Any of Five Skill Levels
Students of all ages and abilities can use PassKey successfully. Lesson reading levels start at 1.6 and go to 12.9, and the program is modular, so you can purchase just the levels (or subjects) you need. Subjects include five levels of math, reading, and writing, and also the science, advanced math, and social studies modules.

Professional Services and Maintenance Bring and Keep You up to Speed
Full installation, training, and software support services from certified McGraw-Hill personnel are part of the PassKey package. Follow-up training options are also available which make your PassKey program even more effective. And, our maintenance and support services are much less expensive than many other programs! PassKey maintenance and support customers receive free upgrades, deep discounts on new lessons and modules, free hot line support, and other benefits.

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